From now until your special day, we will work together to prepare for your final ceremony. These are the steps I offer to make the process run smoothly and happily:

Meet face to face; Skype or FaceTime to discuss what kind of ceremony you would like, and to get to know you as a couple. 

Guidance with completing necassary paperwork.

E-mail communications, as many as required , to learn about your story, and whatever other details may be required to craft your ceremony.

Guidance with your vows.

Readings, rituals, poems - I have resources available if you wish.

As many e-mails or phone calls necessary to discuss ideas and create the perfect ceremony.

Draft copy of ceremony, ensuring all legal requirements are covered.

Another meeting at this point if needed.

Practice at venue with wedding party a day or two before, to choreograph the ceremony.

Marry you on the day - WAHOO!!

Photo Credits: Alpine Image Co; Patrick Fallon Photography; Chloe Larkin Design